TUESDAY THOUGHTS | Being good is enough

Sometimes we loose track of things, we get so caught up in seeking perfection that we miss what is happening right in front of our noses. 

The pavlova that cracks in the oven... it's still delicious!
Not getting 200% on your sales targets... you still hit the mark. 
The craft project which has already been re-worked three times... it's beautiful.

We need to stop beating ourselves up about the perfection, good is enough. Practise good and we'll soon reach great together. But it's important to stop and smell the roses, don't keep chasing and miss the moments... because those moments are oh. so. important! 

Happy Tuesday xx


A few years ago I had my mantra tattooed on my wrist - a daily reminder to love my life - live a life I love and spend my life in love and being loved... but recently - there have been some life circumstances blocking this mantra from existing. 

So what do you do when the mantra is being blocked? Why you step outside and you go find yourself. You go find the things that make you happy. The people who surround you with love and happiness. 

You step into the sunshine and you don't hold back - you take the dog for a walk, you run with your son whilst he rides his bicycle. 

You find those things that bring you joy and you lap them up, like an ice cream on a hot summer's day, licking up every last drop. 

You may have noticed the blog has been a little bit quiet of late, it's because I've been finding myself, finding the mantra and spending the summer outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

I recently received a new necklace from Michael Hill, it's light and dainty and the perfect daily reminder of what's important to me. It's gorgeous worn by itself or worn with a complementing gold chain! 

I thought I'd spend time taking it on a tour of the great outdoors...

Having spent the summer doing all of those things - I can promise to ya'll that I've found my mantra again... and I'm ready, really truly ready to take this bull by the horns, love my life - live a life I love and spend my life in love and being loved. 

Stay tuned for more, because 2016 is here and ready to hit you hard. 

Did you know Michael Hill started in 1979 in little ol' Whangarei? A man with a vision, and idea, maybe the creative-indie of his time... just like you and I. And now Michael Hill has more than 293 stores across New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada with more than 2000 employees. All it takes is a dream, and a whole lot of hard work - never let yourself forget that. 

Go out there and find your mantra. Find your joy.

This post is a collaboration with Michael Hill - I encourage you to check out there latest range of jewellery, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised! I know that I did. 

The Cover Story Giveaway

Every good story evolves and this summer edition of Hazed includes the evolution of our cover. This is our very first cover shoot! In it we wanted to celebrate all of the things we love about Summer.

The stars of the cover want to treat you to your very own Kiwi summer experience. Yes, to celebrate, we are giving away the gorgeous pieces you see featured on the cover!
So what are the prizes?
  • Blue Koru platter from Borrowed Earth. 
  • Red table runner from Pauanesia.
  • Pacifica cushions, placemat and napkin set from Bluebell Club. 
  • Wooden spoon from Hibiscus Reloved Furniture. 
  • Hessian print plates, green platters and the milk bottle vase from Factory Ceramics. 
  • Green bowl with cross by Dotty Bits. 
  • Flying Kereru brooch by Native Creative. 
  • Child's apron by Redflax. 
  • An annual subscription to Hazed magazine. 
Drawn on Christmas Eve - one lucky winner is going to have a lovely Christmas surprise. 

My world

Caitlyn Jenner says the hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear...

Cassidy Boon is suing the guy who saved her from drowning for rape...


Do these women understand the true struggles that so many of our gender face? We have so many empowered women working so hard to create gender equality to improve the lives of the women of the third world countries who live such difficult lives.

And these women go and behave like this?

A part of me doesn't expect any less of a Jenner - after all the Jenner/Kardashian family is one built upon the world of consumerism, when you are taught by women like that how can you grow and develop without learning any differently.

And I honestly don't know enough about the Cassidy story - perhaps it's legit. But from the roasting she's receiving in social media it's hard to see it as legit. Ah. The power of social media.

My world as a woman is similar to that of many of my readers. I take pride in being a woman in being me.

But what does being me mean?

Like Jenner I love deciding what to wear, putting on a nice dress and heels, doing my hair and face and feeling beautiful. But I feel just as empowered in trackies and a pony tail. Something I know my forbearers didn't have the luxury or choice of doing. Woman wore dresses after all, nothing less.

I also love having a career, working the 9-5 in the finance industry whilst also raising my precious son. But, once upon a time I wouldn't have had this choice - I wouldn't have been able to leave my son so young to continue my career. I wouldn't have had the choice to work creatively. I would have been at home tending and raising.

For me tending and raising lead to post-natal depression, I lost the ability to function. How many of those before us didn't have the choice to return to routine instead of stay lost in this haze? Or altogether lost.

There was also a choice to become a single Mother rather than stay in an unhealthy relationship. I know even today this isn't a choice granted to many women and was once upon unheard of and considered irresponsible.

I love my hobbies - my ability to work with indies throughout New Zealand, watching their businesses flourish and grow whilst they support their families with their creative incomes. Once upon a time this wasn't considered normal. I'm so glad it's considered normal now.

I'm grateful I get to be me. I'm grateful that so many before me thought hard so I could live this life. I'm grateful that so many are fighting hard to make this life a reality for all.

I just wish some voices wouldn't be so loud and damaging, and I know... that by just writing this it is giving further voice to those I wish didn't have one.

NewCity Market

Daylight savings brings with it the feel of summer, tourists are returning to the square, the trams are often full and we've seen the start of the cruise ship season.

Our stall holders are already starting to recognise success with a couple already reporting four figure days this early in the season!

We're on the lookout for more stall holders willing to give it a go - it's already been proven that with the right conditions, stellar blue sky, mix of products suitable for the tourist market and a willing and proactive attitude results are possible.

Want to try? Want to know more? Email us.... newcitymarket@outlook.com

When MOJO matters

Recently I posted about my lack of mojo and with it came a barrage of understanding from my fellow creatives, a general understanding that you know what I'm feeling and that you've been there too.

So, I had a thought - what if we started a monthly catch up.

Every 'Third Tuesday of the Month' I'll be at C1 Espresso at 185 High Street ready to 'hang' with whoever wishes to 'hang' from 7pm.

Come with your craft... or don't.
Come with your husband... or don't.
Come with your child... or don't.
Come with your mojo... or don't.

It'll be super casual, no need to book in - if no one shows up I'll be happy for the hour or two of peace and quiet.

I know I'm shy. I know I'm awkward in social situations. I know people think I'm a snob because I don't buy into 'small talk'... If you're like me and tend to avoid these sorts of things, don't stress - come talk to me and we can be awkward together!

The aim of doing this, is to provide a space where you can come with the aim of finding your mojo, finding your community and start breaking down those cliques.

First one - 20th October - I'll be there with my iPad looking lame and curious about who might show up, so come and surprise me.

Just not in a 'Tinder Date Surprise' kind of way!

NewCity Market

NewCity Market is seeking expressions of interest from stallholders keen to be involved in the return of a Central City Tourist Market/bazaar to Cathedral Square this spring/summer season.

Cathedral Square has always been the heart and geographical hub of Christchurch/Ōtautahi and long been seen as the most ideal location for an inner city market.

The buildings are down on the north and this unique tourist destination, bathed in all day sun is now available for those that consider they have the right products and determination and wish to seize this new opportunity. 

If you are interested email: newcitymarket@outlook.com