A few years ago I had my mantra tattooed on my wrist - a daily reminder to love my life - live a life I love and spend my life in love and being loved... but recently - there have been some life circumstances blocking this mantra from existing. 

So what do you do when the mantra is being blocked? Why you step outside and you go find yourself. You go find the things that make you happy. The people who surround you with love and happiness. 

You step into the sunshine and you don't hold back - you take the dog for a walk, you run with your son whilst he rides his bicycle. 

You find those things that bring you joy and you lap them up, like an ice cream on a hot summer's day, licking up every last drop. 

You may have noticed the blog has been a little bit quiet of late, it's because I've been finding myself, finding the mantra and spending the summer outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

I recently received a new necklace from Michael Hill, it's light and dainty and the perfect daily reminder of what's important to me. It's gorgeous worn by itself or worn with a complementing gold chain! 

I thought I'd spend time taking it on a tour of the great outdoors...

Having spent the summer doing all of those things - I can promise to ya'll that I've found my mantra again... and I'm ready, really truly ready to take this bull by the horns, love my life - live a life I love and spend my life in love and being loved. 

Stay tuned for more, because 2016 is here and ready to hit you hard. 

Did you know Michael Hill started in 1979 in little ol' Whangarei? A man with a vision, and idea, maybe the creative-indie of his time... just like you and I. And now Michael Hill has more than 293 stores across New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada with more than 2000 employees. All it takes is a dream, and a whole lot of hard work - never let yourself forget that. 

Go out there and find your mantra. Find your joy.

This post is a collaboration with Michael Hill - I encourage you to check out there latest range of jewellery, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised! I know that I did. 

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