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Caitlyn Jenner says the hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear...

Cassidy Boon is suing the guy who saved her from drowning for rape...


Do these women understand the true struggles that so many of our gender face? We have so many empowered women working so hard to create gender equality to improve the lives of the women of the third world countries who live such difficult lives.

And these women go and behave like this?

A part of me doesn't expect any less of a Jenner - after all the Jenner/Kardashian family is one built upon the world of consumerism, when you are taught by women like that how can you grow and develop without learning any differently.

And I honestly don't know enough about the Cassidy story - perhaps it's legit. But from the roasting she's receiving in social media it's hard to see it as legit. Ah. The power of social media.

My world as a woman is similar to that of many of my readers. I take pride in being a woman in being me.

But what does being me mean?

Like Jenner I love deciding what to wear, putting on a nice dress and heels, doing my hair and face and feeling beautiful. But I feel just as empowered in trackies and a pony tail. Something I know my forbearers didn't have the luxury or choice of doing. Woman wore dresses after all, nothing less.

I also love having a career, working the 9-5 in the finance industry whilst also raising my precious son. But, once upon a time I wouldn't have had this choice - I wouldn't have been able to leave my son so young to continue my career. I wouldn't have had the choice to work creatively. I would have been at home tending and raising.

For me tending and raising lead to post-natal depression, I lost the ability to function. How many of those before us didn't have the choice to return to routine instead of stay lost in this haze? Or altogether lost.

There was also a choice to become a single Mother rather than stay in an unhealthy relationship. I know even today this isn't a choice granted to many women and was once upon unheard of and considered irresponsible.

I love my hobbies - my ability to work with indies throughout New Zealand, watching their businesses flourish and grow whilst they support their families with their creative incomes. Once upon a time this wasn't considered normal. I'm so glad it's considered normal now.

I'm grateful I get to be me. I'm grateful that so many before me thought hard so I could live this life. I'm grateful that so many are fighting hard to make this life a reality for all.

I just wish some voices wouldn't be so loud and damaging, and I know... that by just writing this it is giving further voice to those I wish didn't have one.

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