When MOJO matters

Recently I posted about my lack of mojo and with it came a barrage of understanding from my fellow creatives, a general understanding that you know what I'm feeling and that you've been there too.

So, I had a thought - what if we started a monthly catch up.

Every 'Third Tuesday of the Month' I'll be at C1 Espresso at 185 High Street ready to 'hang' with whoever wishes to 'hang' from 7pm.

Come with your craft... or don't.
Come with your husband... or don't.
Come with your child... or don't.
Come with your mojo... or don't.

It'll be super casual, no need to book in - if no one shows up I'll be happy for the hour or two of peace and quiet.

I know I'm shy. I know I'm awkward in social situations. I know people think I'm a snob because I don't buy into 'small talk'... If you're like me and tend to avoid these sorts of things, don't stress - come talk to me and we can be awkward together!

The aim of doing this, is to provide a space where you can come with the aim of finding your mojo, finding your community and start breaking down those cliques.

First one - 20th October - I'll be there with my iPad looking lame and curious about who might show up, so come and surprise me.

Just not in a 'Tinder Date Surprise' kind of way!

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