Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming (slowly, I promise - we're not ready for the countdown just yet) and with it our first ever Christmas Gift Guide! And we are super duper excited to provide yet another avenue to showcase all the fabulous talent on offer right here in New Zealand. 

But we need your help in ensuring it is a well rounded representation of what New Zealand has on offer to fill you Christmas stockings. Over the coming month(s) in the lead up to its release we'll be asking for your help in filling the content and the genres that we are searching for to fill the pages.

To date we are looking for....

  • Traditional Christmas pieces. 
  • Bright pieces to tantalise your home. 
  • Forest themed pieces for under the Christmas tree (things to gift). 

So we thought we'd share some guidelines on how to supply your content to provide the best opportunity for it to appear in the publication. 

* All pieces represented must be 'Made in New Zealand'. 
* Email content to:
* Ensure you identify which theme you are supplying for and which brand you are representing in the subject line. Eg 'Traditional Christmas - Brand: Hazel Loves Design' if you are supplying for the traditional pages.
* Send high resolution images - the highest resolution possible is best (if unsure, basically direct from the camera, not downloaded off Facebook etc as social media sites deteriorate the photos when they upload them).
* Within your email identify which online store, website or Facebook page you would like to have the image link back to.
* Images with white backgrounds are our favourites - it makes it easier to 'clear cut' the images - try shooting product shots on white foam board to achieve this look. 
* You can send through product shots from absolutely ANY brand (it doesn't have to be your own), provided it meets all of the above criteria.

Interested in advertising in the gift guide? Advertising is available in half page sizes ($50 p/advertisement) and full page sizes ($100 p/advertisement). Advertisements can be traditional in format and/or 'advertorials' stylised shots referencing your work. For more information on making this work for your business please email:

Interested in contributing content to the gift guide? As always we anticipate including some content related to the indie-design world here in New Zealand - if you have a DIY, an interview, a feature which you believe should be included forward your proposal to:

All images and a whole lot more Christmas inspiration sourced from our 'Party | Christmas' Pinterest board

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