Heroes wanted

Have you heard of Hazed? We founded the publication back in 2012 and although it initially started life as an online magazine, after a successful crowd funding campaign last year we sent the magazine to print. It has been an absolutely amazing journey and we are beyond grateful of the opportunities that have presented themselves as a result. But... 

The publication is getting a bit big for it's boots and we are now seeking out interested parties to help grow it into a magazine which truly honours and represents New Zealand's hidden talent in a way this community deserves.

If you are interested in coming on board, either in one of the ways mentioned below or another way that you believe will be helpful with the growth and development of Hazed please email: hazel@hazellovesdesign.com - the majority of our team work on this project 'for love' and these roles may serve as a doorway to your future and/or offer a good compliment whilst working from home or spending time with your family. 

Dancing distributor - we are looking for a team to take on the distribution side of Hazed, seeking out new retailers to stock Hazed up and down the country side and online. From time to time your assistance may be required at craft shows and trade fairs. Dancing whilst encouraged will not be a compulsory aspect of this role. 

We anticipate that this role will be a paid role with rates negotiated with interested parties dependant on experience, but will be sales/commission based. 

Sponsor Sensei - we are looking for someone to look after our sponsors and advertisers, the role will include fostering relationships with new sponsors including corporate sponsorships/advertisers, managing sponsor accounts and communicating with sponsors surrounding their advertisements, to ensure all advertisements are prepared before deadline. Our sponsors advertise in Hazed, on our blog and on our Facebook page - our sensei will help to broaden and develop our relationships with our sponsors. 

We anticipate that this role will be a paid role with rates negotiated with interested parties dependant on experience, but will be sales/commission based.

Competition Curator - our winter edition of Hazed saw the start of 'The Great Treasure Hunt' giveaway, we are looking for a curator to help seek out competition sponsors, establish the giveaway online and promote the giveaway on our social media channels. We hope to bring this competition alive with each edition of Hazed including our 'gift guides' and markets. Potentially as frequently as once per month. This is all about providing small designers an opportunity to work together to promote their businesses in a collective way. 

Graphics Guru - are you a graphic design student? Could you be interested in assisting and developing with the formatting and development of our magazine and gift guides? This could be a great way to develop and grow your portfolio.

Photographic Princess (or Prince) - we are looking for registrations of interest from freelance photographers in regions throughout New Zealand who are available for onsite photographic work, visiting designers in their studios, stores up and down the countryside and other events when required.  

Clever Contributors - we are always looking for contributors interested in writing a column or piece for Hazed magazine and/or our blog. 

Market Mavens - interested in helping to bring a local market to life? We are looking to potentially re-launch a version of Craft Love Festival in 2015 feel free to register your interest now to become a part of the committee making this happen. 

Website Wonder Woman (or man) - we are looking for quotes in the re-modelling and development of our website. You'll have to contact us to get all the scoop on what we are striving towards. 

Are you interested in joining the team? We'd surely love to have you onboard and helping to grow Hazed into the community project it is destined to be. Just to give you a little bit of a 'heads up' about where we are heading... Hazed magazine is released once a season in line with the beginning of the new season, this will continue to happen going forward into the future. 

Before the year is out we anticipate launching the first of a regular series of gift guides showcasing the very best of New Zealand's hand made released every three/four months in line with important seasonal events. 

Come 2015 Hazed will once again be involved with a regular craft event and will begin a monthly 'Craft Lab' project initial Christchurch based. We have plans to tour New Zealand teaching indie creatives about ways to grow and develop their businesses. 

Also in 2015 we anticipate a re-work of our website allowing an interactive shopping platform and many other interactive elements to help grow the Hazed community in a way which will truly represent and support New Zealand's hidden talent. 

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