Wake up and smell that coffee

It's Spring! The blossom has started to fill our worlds with the sweet scent of sunshine, colour is emerging en mass in the form of yellow bulbs pushing up through the ground post winter hiatus, and the jandals are tentatively inching their way from the back of the wardrobe towards the front door. 

I actually (willingly) wore a tee shirt yesterday whilst planting the first of my Spring seedlings, an uplifting sign that the sizeable, blazing ball in the sky is slowly sending more warming rays our way, and that the haze of scarves and boots will soon be behind us. 

Back to the coffee.

It's not a drink that I indulge in myself, though I do adore the smell wafting through the house, especially when it's accompanied by the equally divine scents of bread baking in the oven. It's Sunday all over. And I love Sundays.

Luckily for me though, my husband does drink coffee, so fresh grounds are never further than my kitchen. 

I've decided this week to pull my winter skin out of hibernation, in readiness to face the world in a pair of much anticipated shorts. Wish me luck!

Today, I share with you a very simple, superbly delicious recipe for an Organic Coffee Face and Body Scrub.

Photo credits: Malia Cardwell (of MumMa fame)

You will need -
Used Coffee Grounds (I used organic, only as it is what I have available at home, please substitute for your own grounds, whatever they may be!)
Virgin Coconut Oil (Again, I used organic, I have a giant 2 litre tub which affords me the luxury of beautiful recipes like this)
  1. I mix them at a ratio of two parts coffee ground to one part coconut oil.
  2. Pop in a jar and store out of direct sunlight.
  3. Use as you would a body or face scrub in the bath or shower. Benefits of using in the bath are an incredibly rich water after the coconut oil has nourished it.

Both coffee and coconut oil have amazing benefits for the skin, but if you need proof, try this little number, I promise you there will be not an ounce of disappointment...

Happy Sunshine x Kirstee

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