Everyone loves pink, it reminds of our childhood's surrounded by Princess gowns and Barbie's with their pink Stilettos and gorgeous dresses. This follows through into adult hood, although we often move on from pink finding a new favourite colour (mine is grey at the moment), but forever pink resonates in our lives.
Gorgeous pink blooms
So although I wouldn't mind the above blooms, I do wonder about this home the choice of pink is courageous, but it works. I probably would have chosen my favourite colour grey as an accent, and added in some iceberg roses. What colour would you have chosen?
And how about the touch of pink in the facade to this home? It work doesn't it! But what colour would you have chosen? Blue? Red? Green? Purple? Probably, if you are anything like me, any colour other than pink! 
Do you have any pink in your home? If yes, what and where?


Julia Kuku said...

I bought some what I thought were black art deco style lamps for the bed room. They are made from a plastic type material. We assembled them plugged them in and the left them till we went to bed. When we flicked them on they were fluro pink. Apparently they are a very dark purple, pink when lit up it's hilarious:)

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