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I recently put a shout out to have a couple of contributors join me on the blog, so today I'd like to welcome Donna to the team. This is Donna's very first post for Hazel Loves Design so please make her welcome!

Let’s kick this first blog post off with a little bit about me…. 
In true Hazel fashion. ..

*D*      -           Donna Irvine  
*O*     -            Owns a little online store called Hamptons Style
*N*      -           Naturally loves the sunshine and beach
*N*      -           Neat freak
*A*      -           Always loves a challenge!

My life is dedicated to my girls, my home, and my passion (which is decorating). I have always played around with real estate, buying – renovating – renting or selling and I have done this for years now. A little over 2 years ago I studied Interior Design in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and I did this to be able to style a property “just so”.

I can tell you that Surfers was the most a-ma-zing place to study. Every morning tea break we would grab a coffee and go sit on the beach and watch the surfers. It’s funny what we remember about our college days huh?   ;)

My love of decorating led me to create Hamptons Style, an online store which features products that lend themselves perfectly to that relaxed, laid back style of decorating.

The Hamptons Theme decorating in itself is classic, classy, restful and quite elegant.

My home is my sanctuary, my haven. I like it to be peaceful, and relaxing.

I love the flexibility of owning an online store so I can be there when my girls need me to be. I get so much enjoyment from my little store, and it’s funny how connected I feel to the amazing people that buy from me, I am sure we bond over homewares. I love what I do at HS,  and I have met some truly inspiring people while I have been on this journey.

At this stage of my life, I am honestly happy with where I am.  My blog posts for Hazel Loves Design will be a mix of design, styling, home, everything and anything that I do and I hope that you will enjoy reading about the adventures and inspiration that is my life!

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