The Cake and Craft Show


I'm writing as I pull back into port (albeit briefly), in between adventuring around New Zealand in my exciting new collaboration with The Cake and Craft Show.

Formally Dunkly's Craft Show, it was sold last year and re-branded, and is back - bigger, brighter and better than ever - with CAKE!

(Did I mention there's cake?!)

I'm not much of a baker. Though I've dutifully decorated my children's birthday cakes for the past ten years, even being talked into throwing icing at a wedding cake a few years back, if only I knew then what I know now!

I wouldn't say I've been stalking the Go Bake stand. Just conveniently located in very close proximity. On multiple occasions.

Plausible enough?

As well as the cake competitions which hold entries you'll want to leave your day jobs for to try and recreate, there are conveniently timed free cake workshops throughout the day, for the three days the show is on. It's like a long weekend in craft and cake utopia.

Ambling the aisles, you'll find a sublime selection of New Zealand wares that will make parting with your pocket money too easy. I'm speaking from experience.

This weekend in Christchurch there are also a plethora of craft workshops for the offering. From learning how to cover a lampshade, to T-shirt stencilling and screen printing, so why not grab yourself a three day pass and immerse yourself.

Then, there is me.

I've had my workshop kit permanently packed for the past six weeks as I've toured with the show, teaching in Auckland, Tauranga and Whangarei. Fortunately for those reading from the Mainland, I am teaching workshops at the Christchurch event this week: Friday 14th August - Sunday 16th August.

It has been incredibly inspiring meeting so many people with the same outrageous view that adhering fabric to, just about anything, is an inanely ordinary thing to do.

I've created four different workshops ranging from my signature decoupaged furniture to simplistically delightful wooden spoons, so there really is something for every being.

They are turn up, learn, leave with finished piece type workshops (apart from the furniture one, for that I need you to bring your op-shop bargain/can't throw out but not my style family heirloom furniture pieces to makeover!)

It's all about spreading the fabric decoupage word and a GREAT opportunity to come along and take advantage of my years of experience.

We'll have the country covered in fabric from Mt Herbert to Mt Wellington in no time!

See you there x

Addington Events Centre
Twigger Street

Friday 14th August - Sunday 16th August.

10am - 5pm

You can discover more of Kirstee and her upcycling ethos on Facebook, and also shop the Hibiscus range on Felt. 

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