Pirate Party

Cake by Crust Cakes and Catering
I very first became interested in the world of the 'indies' when planning parties - birthdays, engagement parties, work celebrations and not to mention Christmas and Easter celebrations. I was always on the hunt for a little something extra, or out of the box to bring our celebrations to life. 
It was through doing this that I first unearthed my love of Etsy, which then evolved into a love of blogging and from there the rest is history. 

When I was on maternity leave I tried my hand at being an Event Planner - until I realised I actually enjoying doing this for fun, and there was no way I could charge anyone for the number of hours I put into bringing these events to life to a standard of my satisfaction! 

I still enjoy organising events - and so I thought I'd share some pictures from Brooklyn's fourth birthday - a pirate themed event with some of his closest little pals...

Captain Brooklyn

The treasure map started from the letterbox

Gold doubloon treasure

Orange wedge pirate ships
Cookies by Crust Cakes

Cupcake decorating station
I'm already planning his fifth birthday - it'll be a dinosaur themed event! And I can't wait!! x

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