All good things should grow organically

Spring is almost here - my MOJO has found its way home - and I've got myself all excited about my space again!! For those that don't already know I am in LOVE with interiors, I enjoy nothing more than spending hours researching in magazines, Pinterest and even on shopping expeditions - where I walk away with nought but feel inspired by the spaces I see.

Happy camper enjoying his room and a lollipop

I've had this particular space in the pipeline for a while now... Brooklyn is in LOVE with superheroes at the moment - all of them: Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Hulk, The Ninja Turtles - you name it - he loves them!

Being that my favourite colour combo of the last couple of years has been black, grey and yellow - in all my wisdom I decided to create a Batman space when it was time to upgrade from toddler boy to his big boy room.

Alas - as all good things do, the space grew organically - although I initially introduced a few key pieces in the colour combo to match. The more the space grew the more it took on an evolution of its' own.

Firstly was the Mickey Mouse clock - something gifted him by his Aunty - and as he has had a long time love of Mickey Mouse we couldn't not include it in the space.

Next was the skateboard with his name on it - again it similar colours to Mickey - and the space began to evolve beyond the black, grey and yellow I'd initially intended - and into black, red and yellow. Blending two favourites - Mickey Mouse and Batman.

But then his birthday came along, and with it the introduction of his new favourite toys - all of his superheroes were now at his fingertips and rather than fight to always have them tucked into his toybox instead we decided to leave them on display for him to enjoy.

This is how the space has evolved to date - although we are still to change the curtains - ghastly beige truly doesn't suit. We (Brooklyn and I) are happy with how it is working at the moment...

The picture wall is evolving with him

One of my favourite corners of the space

The posters will eventually be framed

Can you tell we are LEGO fans?

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