Pay It Forward

I became involved with Pay It Forward about three years ago - when it was little more than a couple of people with a dream and a vision for our local community. Last month the store relocated into it's new site and I thought I would (finally) share some of my thoughts on the project and how it all came to be. 

It has been quite a journey from those humble beginnings - I frightfully put my hand up to give a speech at the opening - and followed on from some mighty professional speakers. I thought I'd share some of my notes that I'd written to help with my speech - although with the bundle of nerves I was carrying on the night I'm sure it was no where near as eloquent as this!

The Pay It Forward space has exceeded the expectations of what we built in our dreams three years ago - not only have we created a beautiful place for our community to come visit, shop and learn from. 

We've also created a beautiful micro-community of designers full of inclusion - where we mentor and support one another through the growth and development of our indie businesses. 

It's a space we as designers can come to be acknowledged, inspired and embraced by fellow crafters. 

Pay It Forward is a truly unique shopping destination - where else in Christchurch can you say that those behind the concept literally put their heart and soul into getting in there. 

Where else in Christchurch can you say that the shop and display was created with heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears of the community? 

Where else in Christchurch can you announce that each of the pieces were hand crafted by people from our fine city - with heart and soul?

So local - that some pieces were made within a block of the store!?!

Pay It Forward is quite literally built from the creative heart of it's community. 

Ginny Larsen is the gorgeous soul who brought the store into fruition - a true visionary and supporter of our local community. I feel lucky to be embraced and supported by her in all that we choose to do.

To be honest, the cutting of the ribbon was the first time I got to visit the newly refurbished site - it was super exciting to see it for the first time and feel it pulsing with the energy and excitement of others enjoying it too. 

Thank you to Centuri Chan for the fabulous photos. 

You can find the store at 47 Nancy Avenue, Mairehau. 
Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm
Saturdays 11am to 3pm 

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