HIBISCUS - Tassel Garland Necklace

Tassels, surely the new black. They've somehow morphed forward from the humble curtain tie back, to being a trend sensation, seen on the end of phones, in garland form on walls, cushion covers and bed spreads... So I figured - a tassel garland necklace - why not?

  • Embroidery thread in chosen colours (one hank of thread will make approximately four tassels).
  • Scissors.
  • Fork.
  • Pliers.
  • Jump Rings. 
  • Necklace
(I purchased my necklace and jump rings from my local bead shop, but using an existing necklace you might own, and purchasing the match jump rings is also a fab idea). 

To make:

1. Using your fork, wrap the embroidery thread around it about thirty times. You could wrap more for a fuller looking tassel, but I found thirty was pretty optimum for what I was after. 

2. Once the excess thread is cut off, use the same colour thread to tie around the top two fork prongs. Tie this really tight!

3. Pull the tassel off the fork and cut right along the bottom. Tidy up all loose thread and tah dah - one mini tassel! 

4. Repeat until you have the required amount of tassel's that you are wanting to place on your necklace. 

5. Lay your necklace out and choose your tassel spacings. I started at the mid point (opposite the closure mechanism), and went from there. 

6. Secure you tassels to your necklace with your jump rings. 

BOOM! One very fine, individual piece that is sure to have everybody talking...

You can discover more of Kirstee and her upcycling ethos on Facebook, and also shop the Hibiscus range on Felt. 

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That seems easy to make. I really want to make this with my daughter.

Thanks for the tutorial.