Excitement, trepidation... fear?

So, I'm here - sitting in Cathedral Square on the morning of our first market - and I'm a little nervous. Okay, maybe not just a little - a lot nervous! 

I've got some big boots to be filling here. You may have heard - the last team to run the Cathedral Square Markets had been doing so since the 80's... and here I come new and somewhat 'young' and worried that perhaps my expectations are too different. Perhaps people won't like what I'm offering. Perhaps people won't come. 

It has been tricky getting stall holders to even buy into this market - what if nobody buys anything? What if they don't want to come back?

There's no one in the square this morning, just a few lonely tourists, what if people are wrong and it isn't ready for the market just yet?

I 'think' it is a normal human reaction to feel fear when you want to be proud. I'm not sure that I can be proud yet. I so badly want to be proud of this. 

So whilst I watch these City Care workers doing - ah - goodness knows what - in my corner of the square, I'm busy researching, researching ways to better advertise the market. Researching ways to let people know that it is back and that it is just a little bit different, a whole lot more fresh. 

Hopefully if you are reading this, you make it down to the market today, we will be here from 10am - 4pm (although - obviously I'm here now).

Stay tuned, because you're going to be hearing a whole lot more about this journey of ours x

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