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Jill and Michelle are the Mother-Daughter Duo behind 'Not Just Cakes' and we at Pay It Forward are excited to have them as designers of the month this November. When it comes to cakes Jill is self-taught and has been decorating for customer for almost twenty years, for them the best part of the process is seeing the looks on people's faces when they collect their masterpieces - especially the children!

The duo have also recently started making cards too, and came about thanks to earthquakes and wanting something to occupy the evenings - the perfect therapy!

To celebrate you will receive a free fudge with any purchase of 'Not Just Cakes' over $10! YUM! 

Jill and Michelle initially were involved in a family bakery, after selling the business they decided to found 'Not Just Cakes' and incorporate a few of their loves - cakes, cookies, classes, cards and catering. Jill's skills in the art of cake decorating have been passed on to Michelle, whilst Jill loves creating three dimensional cakes, whilst Michelle loves decorating cookies - making a great combination. 

The generational art of decorating was started long before the art became 'it' and 'now', and before there were so many other makers on the landscape. Both love being creative and believe this flows through their veins, after being passed down from the family matriarch Nana Marion.

The duo became involved with Pay It Forward in March and as Michelle says "I think the thing I love most about it, is how the shop changes everytime I go in. I love my time in there, getting to look around and see what new things all the artisans have made. Everyone brings something different and unique to Pay It Forward and the combined creativity in such a tiny shop just makes it ooze 'wow' factor"

Join the Gingerbread House decorating class

The changing and evolving projects the duo work on means that everyday is different "Sometimes we are up working early, sometimes we are up late. I think that is one fun part about us, things are so constantly different that we never get bored of what we do."

Sometimes the duo are asked to interpret a concept and get creative, as Michelle says "We chat about ideas, sometimes search for ideas, but it can tend to be a 'create as we go' situation sometimes. We are always bouncing ideas off each other though - and both of us have different strengths which can come in handy. I have a Pinterest board full of pins that contain ideas I would like to use someday - with a love of cakes, cookies and papercraft - it is rather large!"

A lot of what they create is custom made, with their customers providing very specific briefs to be fulfilled. "Prehaps you could say we are more inspired by products - and what we can do with them. More than a particular person. Our whole family are fans of Duff from 'Ace of Cakes' and the girls at 'Charly's Bakery' though!"

Be sure to pop by the store this November and check out what else the duo have on offer!

Pay It Forward is a Neighbourhood Trust community development project, with support from the Christchurch City Council and The Canterbury Community Trust. Shop hours are 10am – 4pm Mon-Fri; 11am – 3pm Sat.

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