HIBISCUS - Washi Tape

Washi tape and mason jars are one of those pairing that fall into the same category as blue cheese and pears, new potatoes and mint. 

They just work. 

So today I bring you my take on pantry storage, using recycled bottles, jars and a few rolls of tape.

Those that know me, know I shun consumerism. They also know I value our world, and in particular, recognise that the waste we create needs to be radically minimalised, for us to go forth and inhabit our vast and magical Earth space.

That, and I can't afford Tuppaware. 

Our pantry has been given a mighty overhaul of late whilst coming to grips with a sick child (gluten intolerance), and a growing awareness of what is actually in our food. 

I've gone all Mama Bear protective, immersing myself in knowledge and resources, and ultimately, along the way - overhauling all of our diets. 

My pantry was screaming out for some organisation and I needed a clear way of differentiating the gluten containing foods, to the ones that were safe for my daughter to eat.

I have been collecting glass bottles and jars for eons, mostly for my Summer preserves, and since we have made our way through the majority of them over winter, my glass shelf was overflowing to the point of inundation. 

Enter washi tape. 

Together, they make a great storage option. It's temporary enough for me to change some contents with every shop, and clear enough that lunch box making is a breeze for Sailor, and I now feel comfortable leaving her to it. Except this morning when she tried to sneak in uncooked pasta...

I particularly like my Barker's bottles (we may have a slight fascination with their refined sugar free fruit syrup), and the fact that they are tall over wide, and allow me to fit more in my weeny space. 

The before and after photos say it all! 

As I write this - a courier parcel has just arrived a the door - wrapped in recycled plastic packaging from a purchased sheet set (you know, the really sturdy stuff). Now THAT'S what I'm talking about world! Recycling at it's finest.

I have to admit to being really happy with my new pantry, as is my Chef Husband - phew! It's a total environment/Mama happy win. 

Happy Sunshine x Kirstee

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