Orange Tree Cottage - Good things take time

They really do, my studio renovation especially so! It has taken much, much longer than I ever would have anticipated. With the day job, Brad's new business and 'life' getting in the way I've had the tenancy since December - and I still haven't fully moved in - oopsy! 

Hopefully soon we will be officially located at The Orange Tree Cottage!

I thought I would show you some of the pictures of how the room looked before we started...

Okay - so these may not be the best photos - but essentially there wasn't a lot wrong with the room, other than the door needing a repaint, the carpet was new. And the space was painted white. I just felt like we should do the space justice by bringing up the carpet to show off the timber floors and add a little more colour.

First up we attacked the door, this is what it looked like from the back...

It has been a bit of a family affair - Brooklyn made sure my 'office hands' were well protected in the renovation project - my first ever! Normally I boss about telling people what needs to be done - I seldom actually muck in and do the work.

Meanwhile Brad was busy re-plastering my wall getting it ready for the feature to be done!

I have never used a power tool in my life prior to this project, but I decided I was going to tackle the floor. Brad helped me to pull up the carpet and then whilst he was working over the weekends I spent many an hour sanding it down. 

Initially I started with a hand sander, which was nice and easy for me to use and control but took WAY too long to get the job done and chewed through the sandpaper. 

So, I decided to borrow the belt sander instead - the very first time I turned it on it flew out of my hands and into the wall - WOOPSY! I eventually managed to work it by using a whole lot more muscle, but ached for a couple of days afterwards, major drama. 

Then when I tried to change the sandpaper I took my fingernail off. GAH - ended up taking it home so the manfolk could replace the paper for me each time it ran out. Tell you it was a bit of a hoot getting it done, but it has all been sanded back now. 

So, there you have it - how it is all going - at this point in time the space is 'primed' to perfection, ready for the final layers of paint to be applied, the door to be re-attached and the furniture to be set up.  Hopefully I'll have those pictures for you soon (okay, EVENTUALLY).


Leanne M said...

Ha! Had to laugh about the belt sander, that tool is a deceptively powerful beast. Such a cute name for your studio - loads of creativity to come out of a place with a name like that, surely?

Kirstee Griffiths said...

Can't wait to see the finished result! I bet you feel great (well, not so at de attached fingernail) in seeing all your hard work come into fruition. Best feeling ever!

Anonymous said...

Oooh belt sanders! Them and routers... temperamental things aren't they?! I look forward to seeing how the makeover progresses :)

Lisa said...

I used a floor sander while I was 9 mths pregnant. I kept on taking a break. Ended up with a floor like the ocean. Cresting wooden waves and troughs where my mamaness had briefly rested.