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Welcome to this weeks edition of 'Craft Lab', make sure you pop on over and join in our Facebook discussion! Today we are covering the topic of 'Creative Advertising' and pondering the questions:

* What is the most Creative Advertising campaign you have ever seen? 
* Creative Advertising - What works for you? 
* What sorts of Creative Advertising do you wish other people would do more often?

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Firstly I guess we need to ask, how do you define 'Creative Advertising'? For me it means all of the 'Out of The Box' advertising ideas that people don't tend to use as a standard. Air New Zealand is renowned for their creative marketing! Sometimes it even gets them into trouble when they take it too far! 

42 Below has an exceptional flair with Creative Advertising which has taken them above and beyond to where no other home brewer has gone before! 

So what tips and hints can you suggest for bringing Creative Advertising to your business?

* Advertise with like minded bloggers, look for bloggers that cover a similar niche to you. Most bloggers will be flattered to be approached.

* Offer giveaways on Instagram, on blogs and on Facebook. You can do this on your own networks, or you can approach like minded businesses. 

* Join associations and networks, and network your little toosh off. Leave your details on forums.

* Enter business award competitions - Should Hazel Loves Design start an Indie Love annual award? 

* Host an event, even just an open home with a 'spin'! I for one hope to Attend Ami-Ana's Moustache party this MOVEMBER... what a fun way to celebrate an open home! 

* A Pop-Up-Store is another way to get creative, is there an empty shop in your neighbourhood? Approach the landlord about taking it on for a couple of weeks! 

* Donate to charities.... Charities like 'The Sisterhood' are great to support, and you never know when it may get 'paid forward'.

* Share products with friends who will use it/wear it, and encourage them to hand out business cards to people who show interest in the items when they are out and about. (Leave business cards EVERYWHERE... in empty trolleys, when you are handing back the bill at Restaurants, in sugar holders in cafes... EVERYWHERE!)

* Teach a class, and advertise it on 'The Sweet Rendezvous'

These are my ideas... so what are yours?

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Gloria Hooper said...

This blog makes lot of sense. Creative ads are the need of the hour. Thanks for posting.