{Things I love Tuesday} Confetti

This week I am loving confetti, more specifically, confetti in balloons. 
Why? Just because! 

What are you loving on this fabulous Tuesday?

Things I love Tuesday is an initiative to help share all of the great images I keep discovering on Pinterest. I'd love for YOU to share your favourites with me too!!


TracyP said...

ohhhh confetti in Balloons looks sooo much fun!! I want to try it out now!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Ohh confetti - it's so pretty/graceful as it floats around (if a little messy!) I love it! Thanks for linking up this week to Things I'm Loving - lovely to have you!

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Confetti is so. much. fun! Love it's unpredictability and swirliness (that's a word. Yup, it is).

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

*its*, even. Gah!