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Kia Ora, My name is Christine and I am the designer/maker at Tangelo Tree Jewellery.

Tangelo Tree was born out of a love of visual art, an interest in textiles/fashion and a desire to combine the two. My work is characterised by the use of vibrant colour and geometric pattern, and the contrasting use of fabric and metal. I am influenced by a life long passion for art, fashion, architecture, music and the modern art movement. My background is graphic design has an inevitable influence on the way I work, in terms of design and attention to detail. It is the combination of this and my fascination with texture and colour that is signature to my work. 

Following... The Slow Fashion Movement.We live in a culture of cheap mass produced goods, so for me it's important to support the handmade, and also to slow down, which allows us the time and space needed to make conscious design decisions, which inevitably results in well-thought, beautiful and timeless pieces. 

Thinking about.... Oakura Bay, Northland, where I'll be spending two heavenly weeks with my family in January. Think crystal clear waters, deep warm mermaid pools, long walks at lowtide and a corona on the beach at sunset...

Listening to... Cicadas announcing Summer's arrival! Alse Steve Abel and the Chrysalids - Flax Happy, hauntingly beautiful.

Obsessed with... Typography. As a child I spent a lot of time creating my own letterforms, and lived for Title Pages! This childhood hobby grew into an adult obsession with Type as a form of Expression. Favourite type designer include Jan Tschichold, El Lissitzky, Neville Brody... all creative geniuses ahead of their time.

Saving for... An Acapulco Chair (chairs... another obsession!)

Reading... The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Enchanting, evocative and highly recommended. 

Doing... Workwise, developing new ideas and trying to hone my aesthetic. Personally, enjoying all the end of year events at school and kindy!

Excited about.... Mostly I am excited about my children's future, but right now - the Summer holidays and my new hammock!

Summer Oakura Bay

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