Christmas Encraftment

This Saturday Jellybean and I headed to the Christmas Encraftment market at Latimer Square. It was positively fabulous seeing so many familiar faces from the pages of Hazed magazine! It excites me that this young journey has already bared so many fruits!

I only purchased a couple of loved ones Christmas presents, so I won't disclose what they are on here!! But the dinosaur crayons from 'Little Drop Design' sure make perfect additions to Jellybean's stocking!

What surprised me was just how popular the markets were with shoppers and stallholders alike. It made me think about what exactly people look for in a craft market. Or is it just good marketing??

Going forward I hope the organisers look to have wider aisles, I rushed through because I was fed up fighting the crowds with Jellybean's pram!!! I also disliked the market currency, too restrictive, my preference next time will be to take cash. I would've spent more with real money.

Love the brooch? It's from 'Random Little Things'.


random little things said...

It was a seriously hot evening followed by a realy truly super warm saturday, i sadly have the suntide (we wont call them burns because i feel stupid for not applying enough sunscreen) marks to prove it! Twas a superb day and lots of fun was had, Yay and hurray for fun!

Hazel Schreiner said...

OUCH! I do that at least once a summer before remembering how much of a pain it is (pun intended) and doing the ol' slip slop slap! I've already had my dose this summer, about a month ago after a day at Hanmer Springs!

:) Hazel

Kirsty @The Make Cafe said...

Thanks for the write up Hazel it was a fantastic day! We are hoping for wider isles next year too and have already asked the council for a wider tent and possibly air con too! The market cash is not compulsory but rather if you run out of cash you can get some extra from our eftpos machines. We cannot carry cash with us as more than $12,000 was drawn out via eftpos over the weekend ! Yeah for local crafters getting a much needed boost ! Thanks for the feedback though it is always good to know and we were pleasantly surprised how busy it was and that so many came back to the city again!! Thanks for spreading the word!