DIY Advent Calendar

   Advent Calendars are somewhat of a Tradition in our home.
And this year I wasn’t rushing out to buy some – that’s because the children really
aren’t little children anymore and I figured they wouldn’t want one.

Boy, was I wrong.

”Can I have an Advent Calendar this year Mummy” asked little Miss 14.
I think we never really grow up, especially where a surprise is concerned.

I tried the DIY version this year. Kind of made it up as I went too.
I thought I would do a real beach*rustic*simple one. You’ve probably never seen
anything like it before in your life! I haven’t either.
I kept it simple and wrapped these…

A mixture of Freddo frogs & Cadbury’s Favourites (so each day was a surprise)
in brown paper and tied each little package with twine and left the string quite long.
I found & printed off free Advent Calendar DIY Numbers which you can find over here:

I glued each number to a wrapped chocolate and tied it to a rustic old ladder that I’ve had tucked away for years. The ladder is all rotted in some places, and the nails have rusted but I love it to bits and can’t bear to part with it. It’s just perfect the way it is.

To some random numbers I’ve tied some shells & small pieces of driftwood
to keep with in the rustic beach theme I set myself.

And there it is, leaning up against a wall.

It’s the simple things sometimes …

Donna x

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