A festive wedding...

Around Christmas time is the peek of wedding season, between late October and February are when most people choose to get married and a lot of them decide on a Christmas wedding!
Here are my top pics for a festive wedding.
Red velvet cake, why because its way more awesome than fruit!

Red wedding shoes, a great way to get a pop of colour without going for a coloured gown.

Button or brooch bouquets, why? They don't die, they are an amazing keepsake and totally unique! See this one from Vintage Spice Unique bouquets and Accessories.

Festive decor, I love this look so simple with ribbon and a pine cone totally cute and festive!

I think a festive theme to your wedding is a fun theme for a wedding, especially if you are Christmas mad, think fairy lights everywhere and all of your favorite Christmas desserts!

Robin xx

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