Kissing Santa...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go! For our family Christmas kicked into full gear last weekend with a trip to the Christmas Grotto experience in Spreydon (absolutely fabulous and well worth the $3 entry fee).

We also took Jellybean and his bestie to the light experience on Shands Road. Absolutely adorable watching the little dudes dancing and catching bubbles, Jellybean loved the blow up Halloween Mickey best!

On Sunday we took Jellybean to The Groynes for his daycare picnic, we hired an ultra cute Santa suit for him! Although it was too hot for him to stay in it too long, I hope you agree about the cuteness!!

What fun family activities have you been enjoying this Christmas?


Miriam said...

that first pic looks so like you - he obviously takes after his mama! x

Max said...

Very cute (but then i am biased about gappy toothed smiles as both my husband and daughter have them too!) x