{Vintage Spice} Not Quite White

The big buzz at the moment is about coloured wedding dresses. Brought on by Jessica Biel and her pink Giambattista Valli gown, however she is not the first celebrity to have a coloured wedding dress.
What do you think a splash of colour or keep it the traditional white?

This is a super colourful and sparkly gown I'm guessing the wedding would have been quite extravagant!

What about the reverse wedding party? All the maids in ivory and the bride in colourful gown?

I love this a white gown with a coloured tulle underskirt, a subtle way of having a traditional gown with a pop of colour.

What ever colour you choose or don't choose to wear on your special day its up to you I love how we are not restricted by the traditional anymore just another way you can make your wedding truly you!

Robin xx
Vintage Spice


Hazel Schreiner said...

I love the concept of the reverse wedding, but for me... the final image is my favourite!! Something about layers, open layers of tuile just does it for me, must be all those fairy tales we read when we were little!!

:) Hazel

Art Out Loud NZ said...

My nana and grandad have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last weekend... and ever since I can remember I have been mesmorised by their wedding photographs. My nana was wearing layers and layers of blossom pink tulle - just beautiful and so unique in her era. Aw :)

Robin Ronowicz said...

The last one is my fave too. WOW 60 years thats awesome, my inlaws married 40 something years ago and my mother in law had a sleek satin gown with lace overlay just beautiful, the workmanship of designer or home made wedding dresses is breathtaking!