Blues & Pinks

One colour I am really liking so much recently is a deep blue, not quite navy. 
Blue & white in the form of kitchenware and china to be exact. 
Now I see this everywhere and I'm wondering if there is a resurgence in the mid to deeper blues. 
A lovely colour to add to the deeper blues is a vibrant pink. 
Here's a collection of this powerful colour combination used within the home. 

In the practise of colour theory, dark blues represent
knowledge, integrity, power and seriousness. 
And I wholeheartedly agree - powerful it is! Also kind of perfect for the upcoming spring/summer seasons. 

Pantone have now released their Spring 2013 Colour Forecast. Here it is: 

Monaco Blue is my guess as a colour we'll see more of yet. 

Donna  x

Images via: here and here

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Hazel Schreiner said...

Donna I do love this colour combo! Feminity vs masculinity meeting in such a beautiful way!! It is about time we became braver with our colour choices. My husband is a painter and constantly complains about the boring colour choices people make, white upon white, upon more white! GAH!

:) Hazel