I'm almost becoming fixated on the Bahamas. 
It's a travel destination that's on the 'bucket list' & I'm determined to have a totally lazy holiday on those beaches. But besides just the idea of the place (Oh, the day I get to say
 "I'm off to holiday in the Bahamas"...) , I love their way of styling their houses. 

And the colour! The more I look, the more colourful a place it is besides the 
blue of that ocean. 

I really need to go huh? Am I convincing you too yet? 

See what I mean by the colour? **Sigh**

How could I not share this?  
Now I will stop daydreaming and go back to work ;) 

Donna   x

Images 1-4 from here and image 5 from here

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HeppieHermpie said...

First I think you have been there.. but sorry it is not. But you like it! The pictures are beautiful, with all that colours!!! Xx