{BOOK CLUB} Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Have you heard of Maggie Stiefvater? NO? Where have you been? Under a rock? Just kidding! I reviewed her book 'Shiver' back HERE, and today I am going to review the sequel in this trilogy.

Once Grace and Sam have found each other, they know they must fight to stay together. For Sam, this means a reckoning with his werewolf past. For Grace, it means facing a future that is less and less certain.

Into their world comes a new wolf named Cole, whose past is full of hurt and danger. He is wrestling with his own demons, embracing the life of a wolf while denying the ties of a human. For Grace, Sam, and Cole, life is a constant struggle between two forces --wolf and human-- with love baring its two sides as well. It is harrowing and euphoric, freeing and entrapping, enticing and alarming. As their world falls apart, love is what lingers. But will it be enough?

Overall I loved the book, I was just as entranced by Linger as I was by Shiver! And definitely can't wait to read the third book in this trilogy ( Forever ). I love that is is such a pleasurable read, something you don't need to 'over think' but that you can enjoy all the same.

I loved the characters in the book, I again loved Grace and Sam, I can imagine Sam, such is the descriptive created by Maggie and at moments I very much am in love with him every bit as much as Grace is. Although I do find him frustrating, only because he can be such a sombre person, but I think there is somewhat of a revolution in Sam during this book and by the end he really steps up to the plate. I do find him a little ignorant with his acceptance to what is happening to Grace, especially when it is so obvious to everybody but him that her inner wolf is awakening.

Grace is as lovable as ever, although again somewhat frustrating in that she constantly tries to protect people. The points that I find frustrating with these characters, are intentional character flaws created by Maggie Stiefvater and what create depth in the books. I only find them so frustrating because I would find these characteristics annoying in anybody, real or fictitious.

I love how Isabel has evolved as a character and that we get to see more depth to her, it is not often that an author develops a High School 'Queen Bee' into anything more than a bully, but with Isabel we get to learn so much more about her personality and the things that create her bitchiness. I love that she is such an intelligent young woman, and understand how a difficult, albeit privileged home life has created her into the woman she has become.

It is nice to think that Cole's rock star good looks could actually exist. Too often these days we make an assumption that our rock stars/ celebrities are 'fake' beauty, resulting from loads of make up, cosmetic surgery, clever photography and PR. It is nice to think that they could be covered head to toe in mud and filth and still be drop dead handsome.

I think that Isabel and Cole's relationship has saved Cole, not that it will save Cole, but that it already has. Which is such a beautiful thing, that she could save one wolf when she couldn't save her brother, but it saddens me, that maybe she won't be able to see past her brother to be able to embrace the relationship that could potentially flourish between her and Cole.

I do wonder about Olivia, I think big things are install for her in the third book, she had such an important role in the first book and to basically drop away in Linger is rather sad.

The story line for Linger is not one that I would have predicted after finishing Shiver, so I have to ponder what the next instalment will involve! I haven't taken a peak at the reviews yet!

Sooo... dying to know, what did you think of the book? Do you have any questions for me about my  thoughts that I haven't covered here?

I have decided to bring back 'Book Club', although, in the craziness that is my life, I am honestly not sure as to how long it will be able to last. I do know this, I need some recommendations for books, I LOVE books about the supernatural, angels, werewolves etc. So if you can recommend a book in this genre I would love to hear about it. 

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