Easy Spring Salad

While the weather has been unpredictable to say the least, it has indeed been warming up. So, its only necessary that when the weather warms up, our dishes get cooler (That is a pun. You're welcome). I composed a simple salad using spring vegetables that left me wanting more--as any good dish should. 

It contains:

- 10 grape tomatoes cut in half

- some sliced red onion

- sliced mushrooms

- sliced red pepper

- chopped asparagus

- some balsamic vinegar

- salt and pepper

Throw them all in a bowl and allow all of the vegetables and vinegar to get to know each other, mingle, marinade for about an hour or so (overnight for more flavour). Then eat! Simplicity at its best. I like this dish on top of a grain: rice, bulgur, quinoa or even potatoes to soak up that tart vinegar. 

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georgia ~ gi gi said...

Happy Sunday Hazel Girl :)
Oh, this looks yummy! I just bought somme grape tomatoes the other day, love them!

So glad you found me on Twitter! Such fun!

How's that baby boy? I bet he's not so little anymore!
How's school? And Hubby?
Fill me in!
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