After a very lengthy discussion this past weekend, and debating whether to build a new house which has everything we could possibly every want or to extend on our current house, we have decided to stay and modify what we already have.     

Part of those extensions include a pool on one entire level of the current backyard.
My mind immediately raced to ... A POOL HOUSE!

The ultimate indulgence perhaps?

I'm leaning towards the very top picture in a very similar style. In reality, a very simple structure which houses a bathroom, possibly a shower and some storage for towels.
Maybe an office for me if I'm a very lucky girl??

Would really like to hear your thoughts on the subject. Any advice to give me?
*All above stunning images

Donna   x


Hazel Schreiner said...

HOW EXCITING!!! I love the idea of a poolhouse, wouldn't it be lovely if it included an office for you. I agree to with the first structure, absolutely GORGEOUS. You are one lucky girl, excited to hear more about your plans :) Hazel x

Donna said...

I'm convinced now that I can't live without one! It's about a year away but this is only the start... Very exciting.

Angie H said...

First time trying Backyard Rooms . They’re building a pool room addition with just ladders, drills, and a kit. Amazing to watch it go up.