Nursery Love...

When researching what I wanted to do for Jellybean's nursery I came across a number of really great DIY ideas (mostly sourced here) so I thought today I would share them with you...

Love the colours used in this room

Honestly the room above is completely fabulous, the bravery to use charcoal on the walls, the bright contrasting colours, the adornments on the walls! I wish I were this creative!!

A collage of a years worth of kindy art

I absolutely love the idea of creating a collage using kindy art, the idea above is great, but you could also do the same with butterflies like below!

Who doesn't love butterflies?

Scrapbooking paper and baby's favourite animal

YAY! Buttons!
Which idea do you like the best?


Sally from Frills and Fun said...

Them all!! :)
I LOVE the grey walls in the first nursery and i've used lots of buttons (including for DD's name) in our kids room.

Have you checked out ?
It's another of my fave's for inspiration when it comes to baby/kids decor.

~ Sally

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

Love the butterflies& the buttons