Find Your Shape and Match Your Animal Instinct


eatcakebemerry said...

This is really informative. And I love the pictures you used because there are so many people out there that do not seem to know what looks good on them at all. It's hard watching certain body types walk around wearing something not built for them. But this article is great because it doesn't put down people, it just helps show them what makes their body look good in certain things. Love it

Phee Design said...

eatcakebemerry I'm so glad you found it informative! I know a lot of times people 'tell' you what to do but everyone is different in so many ways. That's what I want to focus on in any of my writings. Finding what's best for you not what I'm 'telling' is best for you. It's all about learning and experimenting but at the end of the day being comfortable with yourself. Thank you for reading Hazel Loves Design and hope the stories to come will be just as helpful!

-Phee Design