Things I love...

Welcome to Things I love Tuesday!

At the moment I am lusting after a new handbag, and here are a couple that are covered in my drool...

Fossil Handbag
Blue and Tan

And I have just realised there is a trend going on with the handbags I am lusting after... off to Etsy for some more 'soul searching'!

Every Tuesday I will be posting my favourite find or finds from the week and I would LOVE to know about the things that YOU love! So I have created a linky list for you to share them with me. 

The only rules are that you need to follow me (and why wouldn't you want to!!) and you need to link to a post of yours about things that you love. It doesn't need to be a new post, just a good post!

Enjoy find out about all the things bloggers love!

Feel free to take the badge to add to your post, the more love we can share.. the better!


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