The Style of The Hamptons


I adore this picture above for it's simplistic 
referrals to a nautical theme.

Hydrangea’s are prevalent in the Hamptons, so are widely used
in a Hamptons Theme Interiors styling. 

Becoming so popular for weddings...

These colours are stunning together!

These flowers look magnificent in any kind of
pot or vase. The even look amazing in a simple glass jar, 
and can be used in any d├ęcor, from rustic to elegant.

Do you remember hydrangeas from your childhood days?
I remember them from my grandmother's garden, 
they were blue.

And today,  as adults, we are falling in love with them again.
There are so many new varieties and they are growing in lower
temperatures too.

Do you love these beautiful blooms as much as I do?
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Written by our contributor Donna, from Hampton's Style

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