Things I love Tuesday...

Welcome to 'Things I love Tuesday'. 
This week I am loving all of the great tutorials that you can find on Pinterest. One of my favourite image and tutorial that I discovered this week is this colourful piece made with felt, isn't it delightful! I'm not sure how much I'd love these flowers by themselves, but grouped together like this they are a real show stopper!
Felt Flowers
Every Tuesday I will be posting my favourite find or finds from the week and I would LOVE to know about the things that YOU love! So I have created a linky list for you to share.

The only rules are that you need to follow me (and why wouldn't you want to!!) and you need to link to a post of yours about things that you love. It doesn't need to be a new post, just a good post!

Enjoy find out about all the things bloggers love!
Image sourced and tweeked from here.


Venus Layugan said...

already a follower..

and yes, I would love to know how to do that too :)

those are very colorful and pretty :)

have a great week!

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


Greetings from Italy


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

So cute!!

Thanks for sharing on the Train!

Jamie said...

Fun! I just linked up. Also, I'm a new follower from the Blog Trail hop. Feel free to come by my blog, and if you like, follow me back!

For Love of Cupcakes

Zenefertiti said...

Hi Hazy :)

Congratulations! You are the first blog I have reviewed on my Blog :) I'm still getting used to HTML or otherwise I would have links to the pictures etc - but yeah I hope you like it. If you dont, please let me know :)

I was inspired by your Things I love Tuesday theme. Its not quite tuesday, but I'm just getting in early :) I love your blog :)

You are so inspiring and I love the pictures :) I love the colours you feature and your book club. I havent read the books, but reading your reviews gives me an idea why hahaha :p Im not big on fashion, but I like your risky choices - somehow they work :)

keep in touch.