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We have a lovely new sponsor on our site, 
and today I would love to share their story...
Two Little Princes

In buying clothing from our recycled range you are re-using a fabulous item plus you are helping to reduce unnecessary landfill.

My name is Nicole and I am the founder and operator of Two Little Princes. I am not a big corporate brand, nor am I a large retail store. In fact I am far from it. I work from home -from my spare room, garage and study to provide you all with the quality pre-loved kids clothing for both princes and princesses, aged newborn to tween, at a fraction of their original retail price. 

Here is how and why I began my website...

As a Mum I really struggled to locate great quality clothing for my two young boys Harry & William -aka Two Little Princes- especially once our family relocated from Sydney to rural NSW in 2008.
Calvin Klein Hoody
I spent countless weekends travelling back to Sydney going from retailer to retailer or scouring online trading forums to find the items I wanted and my boys needed. It was exhausting as well as more often than not fruitless, very expensive and using fuel to run around buying my children brand new clothing! Not very climate conscious of me at all.

I then talked to other Mums and Dads in the area and they too had the same issue. I decided to start going up to Sydney to attend Baby and Kids Markets and attending of all things, garage sales, to try and find and of our gorgeous kids items of gentlly used pre-loved clothing that was just not available where we lived. I thought it was great finding designer items in op-shops, gently worn or even unused clothing items and saving the planet too by recycling someone elses hand me downs.

After twelve months I had a following of over twenty parents in my local country town. They would race around to my house on my return from the big city op-shops, garage sales and kids markets, fetes and other recycling avenues and rummage excitedly through my findings as if I had gold in my bags. They would then buy from me the items that best suited their children. From near new dress clothes, to party wear, to smart casual wear, to sleep wear and every day wear -everything! There were often brand new items with the tags still attached and designer brands - amazing! I could never afford a brand new designer label for one of my boys - but to be able to find them pre-loved and offer them to friends and family for so much less than retail was fantastic. These parents even offered me petrol money to go as they wanted so many more lovely items for their children - and it meant one parent travelled to the city, not five or ten parents travelling to the city -again trying to think of the environment. 
DIESEL Jumper $6.00
As all parents can appreciate, dressing your children in beautiful and stylish clothing can be extremely expensive, especially when you have more than one child. To be able to find exactly what you want in on place, in a range of brands, styles and sizes is why I created Two Little Princes. Of course we cater to the little princesses of the world too.

In addition and very importantly, we follow where we can the 3R policy -RECYCLE, RE-USE & REDUCE- for we try to ensure that at least 80% of our clothing range at any given time is pre-loved. In buying a pre-owned item you are helping to reduce landfill -simple as that. Even many of our new items are either recycled (in that they were not bought brand new, the were bought through a clothes recycling network or store) or they are made from sustainable fibres such as organic bamboo, cotton and hemp. We also try and help our crafty Mums too by selling their wonderful handmade clothing items that are most of the time made from off cuts of fabric, old curtains, adult clothing and so on -it's amazing what you can turn a man's shirt into!
Bamboo Body Suits
Now everyone can enjoy the wonderful clothes I find as they are all in one place and at a fraction of their original retail price. You may even find some brand new items here too. Best of all you are shopping with a conscience with regard to recycling and landfill. These two words should not just be associated with the garbage you throw out of your household each week. They should be words that you are consciously aware of in many aspects of your life. Your children will thank you for their wonderful "new" clothing and for helping to save the planet for their future.

It is wonderful to have such an eco-conscious business a part of the Hazel Loves Design community, I hope you all will pop over and see what Nicole is all about!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our site, please check it out here.

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