Summer Lovin'...

This is a piece I wrote for a blog-swap a few months ago, now that Summer is almost here, I thought I'd share it again with my readers...

I have just finished speaking to my sister in Christchurch, where she is currently in bed with the snow building up outside, it is about two feet deep at the moment. Here in Melbourne it is only raining, so I should be grateful! 

But I swear I am really, really looking forward to the summer. So while you lucky folk in the northern hemisphere are basking in the sun reflecting on the summer that has been we are dreaming of the summer to come.

Hello folks, I'm Hazel and I am visiting from Hazel Loves Design today Ruthy and I are swapping blogs and each sharing a piece on 'Summer'. So that brings me to today's post, it doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, whether you are gay or straight, single or married we all need to know about summer living essentials. 

I have compiled my top ten favourite things to create a summer filled with fun and frivolity! 

1. SUMMER FASHION; Let's be honest, who doesn't love loosing the countless the layers, the massive coats and slipping into a sexy summer dress and a pair of thongs! The best thing about summer dresses is that they come in all shapes and sizes, from the long and draping maxi dress, to the tight and short, (sometimes super short) body con dresses! 

But they have one common denominator... COLOUR!!! I'm currently wearing head to toe black, and have been for months, I can't wait for December to come and I can pop on some colour.

2. GORGEOUS WEDGES; I love wearing thongs in the summer, when I was living in the warmer climate of the Gold Coast I had a pair in every colour!! But this year I am loving the trend of wedges, so I can't wait to rock out with a pair of wedges and a gorgeous pedicure...

3. A FRENCH PEDICURE; Slightly extravagant in this tough economic climate, but worth absolutely every penny! There is something about slipping on a pair of thongs (or this year wedges) with a gorgeous pedicure... LUST! 
French Pedicure
I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup so for me dressing in something gorgeous is like putting on a face full of make up for other women. It makes me feel confident with myself. And you know what they say about confidence, if you feel confident, other people see it radiating from you and automatically are drawn to you. 

Isn't that what summer is all about, dreaming about meeting the unknown, having lavish amounts of fun and feeling confident and gorgeous whilst doing so.

Now I know I'm writing on a blog about dating, but here is one small problem, I've been in a monogamous relationship since I was nineteen, I'm now twenty-seven and happily married. So I'm slightly out of touch with the dating scene.

But there is something I have learnt since I've grown older. You won't find the man of your dreams by searching for him, one day he will materialise out of no where!! So you need to look after YOU, make YOU feel beautiful, intelligent and worthy. 

For the longest time I thought summer was all about THE TAN, it has taken me years of burning my skin trying to tan, to learn that my 'Princess Skin' (read white as a vampire) just won't tan so I have learnt to accept my pale skin. 

This realisation has completely changed summer for me, instead of spending hours in tanning salons and applying the fake tan, I now appreciate the other parts of summer. And spend a lot more on sunscreen lotion! 

It is amazing the small things you find as you grow older. Which is where I come to my next two favourite things..

4. ROAST DINNER SLOW COOKED ON THE WEBER; Oh. My. I must be getting old, when a recipe out of Jamie Oliver has me dripping saliva on my top more than an all nighter at the local clubs!! 
Weber BBQ
But there is something about the smell of a roast cooking over the hot coals while watching the sun set red plains of the outback that screams summer to me.

I also love the way the males especially the alpha males flock to the cooking on these occasions. 

**Note for the single, aim for the guy with an ability to cook!!**

So surround yourself with friends, laughter and a bucket load of my next favourite thing...

5. THE MOJITO; Any flavour of mojito from the humble basic mojito through to any of the latest flavours to come about, my recent favourite is the raspberry mojito.. YUMMY! I don't drink a lot these days, so definitely quality over quantity for me! 

So that will be me this summer, we will be renting a beach house with our nearest and dearest, enjoying evenings of great food and great company. Creating the memories of tomorrow. 

I hope that your summer has been full of these and I hope that you've managed to meet some lovely friends along the journey. Who knows one of these friends may end up being tomorrows Romeo... one can only hope!! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer... and think of me, for I'll be unpacking my summer wardrobe shortly!! 

:) Hazel


Debby said...

Yes, french pedicures are wonderful! Totally agree! xo

MC said...

What a refreshing piece! I like french pedicures.

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