Laundry Lust

I've had a busy day catching up on the laundry pile, the weather has been perfect to do so. It got me thinking about what my ideal laundry space would feel like...
I've always been attracted to a shiny surface
This room is ALL about the colours
Not sure what I love more, the colours,
or the three machines!!


Louisa said...

I have a whole pinterest board devoted to laundry must haves. One day I hope I can have something resembling a luxe laundry!

georgia~gigi said...

Oooooo, FANCY!!!! I would love any of those laundry rooms!
Hi Hazel Love :)
Thank you sweet girl for your oh so kind words!
I am super excited!
I do hope things are well for you all down under :)
I hope your Hubby will be with you and babes soon!
Have you started school yet?
Lots of love
gi gi

Leanne @ Uber Simplicity said...

Oh I am SO in LOVE with the last pic! Want that laundry!


loquelvientosedejo said...

I dream to have a laundry room. This are very beautiful. I think I prefer the third one.
Un beso;

Shauna Nosler said...

Ditto!! Love the white and the three machines!! stopping in to follow you from the hop - hope you have time to visit and return the favor soon - oh, and read my shameless plug for my $0.99 book that is on sale :)

Mom Fashion World said...

Loving how everything is organized.

I'm now your new follower in GFC from the Monday Blog Hop
and would love a follow back.