Come shop with me...

I recently discovered this online store while spending the afternoon procrastinating on Etsy (as you do). Kokofox Studio is a co-operative of artisan designers who have come together the quirky and unusual. 
Sly as a fox 
Take a stroll through the store, I promise you will love what you see and may even find a Christmas present (or three).
Jellybean loves owls!
As I said the quirky and unusual are quintessential to the make up of this online store! Take this cameo necklace, a piece of historical reverence but in this case designed in an eccentric but fun way!
Lady Death
I hope you enjoy browsing the The Kokofox Studio and check out their Facebook page too! Myself, I'm looking forward to working with Kokofox Studio more in the new year!


Ann said...

Interesting pieces...

love the owls.

Sorry but I'm really not into that necklace.

Kymmie said...

That necklace is sublime! So different! I probably wouldn't wear it, but what a talking piece!

Thanks for sharing! xx

7 Year Wedding said...

Oooo! Loving the owls! I'll be going to check out that store! Lenya x

loquelvientosedejo said...

I have discovered your blog today and I like it!
I´m going to follow you from the other side of the world (Spain).
All the best;