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Building a home decor plan makes choosing furniture and home accessories that much easier , and a timeless theme to consider is desert-inspired interiors. With subtle natural tones as well as bold vibrant colours, there's no such thing as "too little" or "too much" when it comes to these desert-inspired interiors. Sandy hues

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Zafros Interiors (via)

A wide range of browns and beiges outfit this breezy bedroom, giving it a distinctly desert-sands feel. The unique wire canopy doesn't break up the vast spaciousness of the high ceiling. Arabian nights
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Hotel Finder (via)

The view out of this bedroom helps add to the desert decor, yet the vertical lines of the room, from the exposed ceiling beams to the placement of the long bed, bench, and rug, all draw the eye outward. Indoor sandbox
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Houzz (via)

This playroom was designed with a desert theme in mind. A playful spin on this motif, the snakes, both stuffed and on the wall, are whimsical home accessories. Desert detailing
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Arhzine (via)

An ornate brown and white pattern on the walls infuses a formal living room with elegance, while subtle table decorations, such as the ceramic cacti lamps and desert flower prints on the red satin couch cushions, all play up the desert look of the space. New Mexico chic
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Bedroom Decorating Idea (via)

A comfy family den is warm and inviting when decked out in native south-western style. The built-in fireplace is obviously the focal point of the room, but the colourful patterned rug and table decor are also fun. Airy and deserted
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Inhabitat (via)

A contemporary open-concept kitchen takes on an almost deserted feel with sprawling sand-coloured floors and white stone (not to mention very little colour). The white slat ceiling also elongates the space. Marvelous mother nature
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Time Travel (via)

The best way to achieve a gorgeous desert-inspired interior is to keep it simple - turn to organic materials, such as grass roofs, light-coloured wood floors, and sheer mosquito nets to create a dreamy desert oasis. Green with envy
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Chic & Posh (via)

Natural colours and outdoor objects that are inside are two elements to fashioning a striking desert-inspired space. A prevalent chocolate brown palette, metallics like copper and brass, as well as spots of greenery come together in this sandy sanctuary. 

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