{BAGS BAZAAR} McCarthy Designs

Today we have Nellie visiting from McCarthy Designs, I hope you enjoy this tantalising look into the bags behind the blogger...
How many handbags do you own?
Ummmm.... a few. I am not sure I can answer this one because my hubby may be reading and he might decide that I don’t need any more : ) LOL, no I am not that bad I had a big clean out and gave away a lot. Now I think I have less than 20 or maybe a bit more.
What is the most you've paid for a handbag?
I am such a cheapskate and I think the most I have paid for a handbag is $130. Generally I buy bags that I like when they are on sale. I rarely buy anything unless it is on sale. Somehow it helps to justify the purchase : )
How long do you generally hold onto a handbag for?
My most used handbag would be my work one, it would probably last six months and then I would get bored with it or the bag starts to look pretty worn out so I need to replace it. My other bags I can keep for years because they don’t get used as often!
Why do you blog?
To be honest I started blogging because I was in the middle of an interior design course and I thought it would be a great way to share ideas and perhaps one day use it to promote my business, however I didn’t finish my course and my blog took a different turn and has now become my online diary, a place to keep track of our renovations and to connect with all the great people I have met through blogging.
What is your biggest aspiration for the year? 
It may sound quite mundane but I would really like to ensure that I enjoy my life every day, as it is now, without living for tomorrow. I think it is great to dream but sometimes we can get so focused on our dreams that we miss out on all the good stuff we have now.
What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a result of blogging?
Meeting all of the wonderful people that I have. I am amazed at the talented and inspiring people that are so willing to share their ideas with you. I have made some wonderful friends through blogging and the support they have given me when I was going through some tough stuff was so tremendous. It wasn’t what I expected when I started to blog.
What five words best describe you?
Reliable, organised, efficient, capable, sociable
Thank you Hazel for inviting me to be a guest blogger for you. I really enjoyed myself and if you would like to see my current favourite bag you can here!


Annie@A View On Design said...

I'm sorry Nellie, but you're not a true bag lady, or you would NEVA give them away, and $130, oh pleeeessee...!! LOL

20 is a lot tho! So you have potential!!


Laura said...

Hi, just visiting from mccarthy designs, so lovely to read and learn more about nellie; she is such a gorgeous, and lovely person! thanks for doing this post!!!
Laura xxx

Razmataz said...

I am with Laura....Nellie is such an authentic and sweet blogger......and she mentions going through a tough time. I think everyone who read her blog then felt genuinely for her...which is good to remember when blogging gets too filly.

Love all her purses....She would laugh at me. I carry one purse (usually made by Roots)(I think you guys use that word as slang there) for at least 2 years. Only time I switch my bag is if I go to a wedding!