{BAGS BAZAAR} I'll be home soon...

Today I'm heading into hospital for surgery *deep breath* so I'll be absent from my computer at least until the weekend. I'm not sure what scares me more, being cut open or having such a big break from the online world. Hush, that isn't being melodramatic!! 

Following my return home, I have a four to six week recovery period and the doctors have advised that I should not be lifting anything heavy during this period. Given that I have a twelve week old son, that is near-on impossible!!! So I am flying home on 12th September to Christchurch, New Zealand to live with my Mum and sister so they can help me to tend to Brooklyn.

Instead of returning to Australia post-recovery, hubby and I have decided to return to New Zealand permanently. At this stage we will be settling in Christchurch, but given this is the same Christchurch to have suffered extensive damage in several major earthquakes earlier this year we may move if it lives up to its rocky reputation!

In my absence and while I get settled again, I have a few friends popping in as part of a new series on the blog called that 'Bags Bazaar'. So I thought I would kick start the bags bazaar today!
My current handbag is not so much a handbag, but a baby bag in disguise, I couldn't stand the standard baby bags, so I purchased a crumpler bag, best investment EVER! 

What is in my handbag?
Needless to say my bag is full of loads of things, baby things; nappies, change of clothes, muslin wrap, bib, nappy rash cream, hand sanitiser gel, disposable change mat, dummy, formula sachets and bottles.

My purse, a large faux-Chanel, which I put my key (only the house key as I'm not driving at the moment) and cell-phone into, if I placed them directly into the bag they'd be lost for good! I also usually carry a small notebook and camera, for those moments of random inspiration!!
Chloe Paddington
How many bags do I own?
In addition to the nappy bag, I own a Chloe Paddington and a premium faux Louis Vuitton (it looks identical to the real ones). I also own a Jimmy Choo clutch and another Guess clutch. I used to own a lot of handbags, but recently I realised it is all about quality over quantity. So I've reduced my collection right down to my absolute favourites.

Why do you blog?
I started blogging out of curiosity and as a way of collecting and sharing all of my ideas and inspiration pictures, but it has become so much more, it has become a way of meeting new people from all over the world. I definitely have become addicted to the world of blogging.

What is your biggest inspiration for the year?
Now, it is to be healthy and have no reason for stress in my life. It feels like the last couple of years have been just go-go-go, between getting married, falling pregnant, moving interstate, having a premature baby, going for an operation, moving overseas... I haven't had an opportunity to just stop and relax. It is going to be absolutely great when I have that opportunity! If I ever have that opportunity.


Poppy said...

I hope the operation goes well and that you can get plenty of help with Brooklyn. If I was nearby, I'd offer to lend a hand!
Also, a blogger friend of mine lives in Christchurch, called Holly! You should look her up. =] http://adventuresofholly.com/

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Oh no I can't believe you are leaving/have left now :( I had hoped we would be able to catch up for a coffee some time soon. I hope everything went well with the op and that you are doing okay. xx