{BAGS BAZAAR} Andrea Reh

Today's guest post is from Andrea, of Andrea Reh fame... ENJOY!

How many handbags do you own?
 Only one - shocking, I know. I prefer small purses or no bag at all (though perhaps if I made a bit more money and could afford some of the dreamy travel totes on Andrea Reh, I'd feel differently).

Do you really put your cell phone in your handbag? Sometimes - and then I completely forget I have it and miss many calls and text messages (as an aspiring journalist, this is quite a problem).

What is your favourite style of handbag?  I prefer big totes like this one by Jimmy Choo in which I can carry everything when I'm travelling - snacks, magazines, novels and notebooks - sometimes even a change of clothes!
Why do you blog? To share my obsessions with like-minded people - luxury hotels and travel, fashion and style. 

Who are your favourite bloggers? Websites? 
You mean apart from Hazel?My absolute favourite would be Sarah Klassen's Haute Design. Every single post is exquisitely crafted and inspiring.
What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a result of blogging? Being offered the VIP treatment at a hotel I featured - unfortunately that hotel is in the States, and I'm all the way down here in New Zealand!

Favourite quote or metaphor that you live your life by? "Live the life you imagined," Henry David Thoreau.

Andrea x


Annie@A View On Design said...

andrea my DH wishes I was like you, one bag! I just checked out your blog, gorgeous!!! and I love that quote!

Andrea Reh said...

Unfortunately, Annie, I make up for my lack of bags with a LOT of shoes.

Andrea x