Book Club -Fallen-

APOLOGIES!! I know I am late, really, really late and for that I apologise! Connection to the internet has been sparse in our household the last couple of weeks!! Although they do say, better late than never, so here it is January's book club on the book 'Fallen'.

It was due to a recommendation from a close friend that I decided to read this book, this is the same close friend who was responsible for introducing me to the joys of 'Twilight' so from the onset I was excited about reading the book. 

However I found in the beginning, for maybe a third of the book I wasn't over excited about the book, I found it really easy to put down and distract myself from. However this completely changed for the remainder of the book, once the story was established and you could see what was going to unfold I started to get really excited about the book, I found myself making excuses to be lazy and just read the book! Which wasn't the greatest in the lead up to Christmas when I was working crazy hours at work and supposed to be coming home to pack the house ready for moving day!

In the beginning of the book, there were so many question and whilst those were answered during the story telling, I found myself closing the book with a number of new questions about the story. 

For example in the beginning I could not get my head around the attraction that Luce felt towards Daniel when he was being such an arse towards her and Cam was being such a genuine guy? It was too strange for me to get my head around! And at the end of the book, the question for me was why are Daniel and Luce linked? What does this mean for the future of Fallen Angels? And how is this important for the balance of the story and the sequel?

I still don't completely understand the significance of the shadows either?

Another aspect of the book that I didn't quite understand was the death of Luce's good friend Penn. I didn't understand the logic of her death, it seemed some what pointless and unnecessary.

What I did find when I was re-reading the book before writing this, was that there were so many hints throughout the book about what was going to eventuate, for example when they were all on detention duty and Luce is asked "So. Do you want the avenging angel, or the fleshy embracing lovers?" and when Luce describes Miss Sophia earlier on in the book she describes her to be almost otherworldly. I thought it was fun re-reading the book and discovering these aspects.
I initially stopped myself from going out to buy the sequel as I was concerned about putting my life on hold to read another book, but now I am definitely ready to pursue the book. 

Before I finish I just want to share a couple of my favourite parts of the book;

"A bright pulsing shook the room. A light so glorious it could have outshone the sun made the walls rumble and the candles rock and flicker in their tall bronze holders. The eerie tapestries flapped against the stone wall. Miss Sophia cowered, but the shuddering glow felt like a deep massage, down to Luce's very bones. And when the light condensed, spreading warmth across the room, it settled into the form Luce recognized and adored.
Daniel stood before her, in front of the altar. He was shirtless, barefoot, clad only in white linen pants. He smiled at her, then closed his eyes and spread his arms out at his sides. Then, gingerly if not to shock her, he exhaled deeply and his wings began to unfurl."

So what next for book club?
February 27th will be the book 'Shadows' by Amy Meredith.
Fifteen-year-old Eve Evergold is cute, sassy and enjoying a busy social life. What she doesn't know yet is that someone close to her is an evil demon that only she has the supernatural power to defeat.

She needs to work out who it is - and fast. Because although there's something very attractive about the dark side... dating a demon? PURE HELL. 


georgia~gigi said...

Oh, Hello Hazel Girl! So happy to see you on here :)
Ok, I am soooo sorry about your package! It is on my counter ready to go out( I do keep adding to it, finding cute lil things) Things have been a lil crazy in my world! I hope you'll forgive me :)
How is that lil jelly belly? Need PICS HAzel Girl! I hope you are feeling good and growing big!
Love to hear from you!
Love ya
gi gi

Poppy said...

Yay here you are! I sent you an email about the world view project, but I figured you had no internet connection so would be a wee while before I heard anything. =]
I really wanted to send the camera on to you but because I didn't know your new address and we needed to get the camera moving again, I had to send it on to the next person after you. I'm soooo sorry! I hope you don't mind? =[

Heckety said...

And I'm even later- and I had the book read in time and all!

I'd certainly agree with you that the book raised more questions than it answers, and its interesting that you mention clues which I missed on the first reading too. I have to say it was really hard to get into, and even at the end I'm not sure I'm still that into finding out what happens next...

The one thing that really struck me in Lauren Kate's writing was her descriptions, everything, from the grungy school to the beauty of Daniel and the other fallen angels, to the lake, the eerieness of the cemetary,etc etc. I think she does description incredibly well, there were times I was almost holding my nose, or wiping my fingers!

Afraid I'm going to have to take a bit of a break from book Club as I've got about ten borrowed books people leant me in the Christmas hols which I haven't even begun!! They're going to want them back soon! So unless I somehow manage to perfect spped reading, it'll be a month or so before I get back to join you in reading.

Have you read any Erica James? Totally different to your style I'd say, but I've been leant three different ones!!!