Bon Voyage Brisbane...

Firstly, I have to apologise for my lack of online communication. The New Year has so far been a very busy one for me!

On the 30th December Brad and I set off on a roadtrip that took us three days and crossed three states from Brisbane (our old home) to Melbourne (our new home), we arrived in Melbourne on New Years' Day. It was one mighty adventure, although next time we do anything like that it most definitely will not be during the peak of the Australian summer!!

For now we are staying with friends in the central part of the city and all of our belongings are in storage until we find our own accommodation. Hence the lack of Blog-World communication, I don't have my computer so I don't have my inspiration pictures, and I also feel guilty logging onto their internet access as I know that they only have 2GB per month (compared to my 100GB... honestly don't understand how they can live with so little).

So for the next couple of months my blog will be based on random blogs of writing, which is definitely not my normal style. But when I return I will bring you pictures of our road trip, pictures of our new home town and also, finally... pictures of our wedding!!

The exciting news (well for me) initially we had moved to Melbourne so that I could pursue a great new work opportunity, I didn't enjoy the new position (it was too much travel, not enough compensation) so I quit! Very unlike me! The same day I was lucky enough to find a part time position working at a local retail store selling handbags (the irony) so I now have a lot more time on my hands to enjoy the progression of Jellybean (by the way I am now 15 weeks, and STILL not showing, most disappointing) and to work on future material for my blog!

I am sure you have seen the images of the Brisbane floods a true catastrophe! Brad and I have been laughing and saying 'We got out just in time', the truth is we are sincerely heart broken and sad to see a city that was our home absolutely devastated by human nature. Furthermore we are very concerned for the welfare of our friends who still live in Brisbane. All of our friends have been very fortunate, none of them have lost their lives, and only a few of them have had damage done to personal belongings. So we feel very grateful that they have been watched over from above.

I hope you all give generously to charities, not necessarily for this natural disastor but just to charities in general, because it is at times like these when the charities and their work really gets an opportunity to shine.


Yahnay said...

Sounds like you have been a busy Girl. Congrats on the jellybean to buy the way. Hope you love Melbourne as much as I do!

Heckety said...

I knew you said you were moving in the New Year, so I've been waiting to know you were ok. My sister in law in Brisbane and her family are all ok, thankfully. But even for us watching the TV footage it is incredibly awful.

I laughed when you said Jellybean isn't showing- if you have J2 you'll be delighted if he doesn't start showing by 12 weeks, let alone 15!!! But I get that you are VERY excited!

Good on you that you had the courage to leave a job situation which didn't suit you!

georgia~gigi said...

Hazel love so glad you are getting settled and are safe! Will be praying for your friends!
Now, don't you worry about your lil jellybean, your a tiny lil thing! It (he~she) will grow!
I've missed ya and look forward to the next post and hearing how things are!
lots of love
gi gi

Riviera Wedding Planner said...

You busy girl. Take very good care of ys and of your sweet Jellybean. Sending out much love. Talk soon

Meg and Mum's said...

You have been a busy girl. What a big move too. Better off doing it now than when you're waddling around carrying that huge baby bump! I'm sure you'll "pop" out in no time! Can't wait to see some piccies.
Megs :)