Going on a jet plane...

I'm super excited for a couple of reasons
1. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday (I'm still like a child when it comes to birthday's and Christmas)
2. Tomorrow is BOOK CLUB DAY!!
3. Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne to see my Mister for a 5 day mini-vacation!
4. While I'm in Melbourne I get to visit family and tell them about Jellybean.
5. AND I'm just super duper excited about life, everything seems to be going my way!!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday! Also hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and vacation!

dating diva said...

That is such a great pic! Hope you have a great mini-break!


JoJo said...


Poppy said...

Ahh it's my birthday on the 28th! Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a fantastic day! =]

georgia~gigi said...

Hazel Love Happy Happy Birthday! YAY, so excited for all the things you listed! I am so glad you get to be with your hubby for your birthday! I hope you have the best birthday ever!
Love ya
gi gi

georgia~gigi said...

ps, that is a really cool pic :)