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Okay so I have to be completely honest with you, I loved the Twilight saga, I hadn't been reading for more than five years and a friend of mine recommended the series and because I loved it so much I've caught the 'reading bug' again! So with that in mind, this month's book club may be a little tainted!
It basically follows the story of Bree Tanner's last week of life, she is turned into a vampire for Victoria's army and you see her at the end of Eclipse surrendering to the Cullen's. It shows an insiders perspective of what it is like to be a new vampire without the moral support of a family, it also shows what life was like for those within Victoria's army and the one-eyed-ness of the new vampires.

I enjoyed the book solely because it was about vampires (my number one favourite genre) and secondly because it linked back in with Twilight. I love the character Freaky Fred who becomes Bree's sole ally after the disappearance of Diego and I hope Meyer incorporates him into future Novella's! I also loved the mention of the Volturi, those sneaky buggers!! I think I actually shouted OH MY GOD out loud when I realised what was happening! (Sorry trying not to spoil it for those of you who haven't read the book)
Does this image remind anyone else of the Vampire Diaries?

BUT there are many aspects I also disliked about the book, firstly that the Cullen family barely make notice in the book, I know that was Meyer's intention, but I would have preferred more. I also found the Diego aspect of the story hard to follow when he 'disappeared' I want to know more about who, when, how and why, it sort of felt like it had been left hanging a little which I didn't/couldn't appreciate. 

It was good however to see a whole new perspective of the Meyer Vampire story, to see the Cullen's from a different perspective.

I found it infuriating that the Eclipse movie didn't show us more of this side of the story, before I'd read the book and seen the movie I assumed that was the reason the Meyer had released this book.
I love this shot of 'Edward'

So what now from the Twilight saga? I hope Meyer releases Forever Dawn (the adult version of New Moon) at least onto the internet forum! That'd be fabulous.

I'd also love to see a 'ten years from now' version maybe from Renesmee's perspective, does she end up with Jacob Black, does he keep shifting forever? Does he end up growing old? There are a couple of fansites that do develop the story well for example Bella's Diary but it just isn't the same as Meyer's writing! 
And folks it is my birthday today, so thank you for spoiling me and allowing me to discuss one of my favourite authors of all time! So just a couple more new pics I hadn't seen before...
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JoJo said...

Oh I so have to read this one and I would love t read the adult version forever dawn. Sounds hot!

Have a happy birthday!

its simple love said...

Wow I had no idea there was that book! What? I have not stayed up with it all. I am glad you get so much joy out of it!


Heckety said...

I too, just love the Twilight Series. I think I've read all the books twice, and some three times. Sure they're not great literature, but who cares, they are wonderful escapism and all the right people win out at the end. What more could you want???

But, I think because I want to hear about the Cullens and Jake and Bella and am so 'into' their stories, this book left me cold. I was hard pressed to keep reading as it didn't grab me like the four main books did.

I guess that sounds a bit like a spoilt child!! Without the main protagonists being at the center of the whole thing...bring back Bella! I so like her!

SOOOO! What's next?????

Heckety said...

Oh yes, and I read 'Crescendo' in one whole day- I simply could NOT put it down!! What did you think? And is there going to be another one??? I think fallen angels must be more my thing- what does that say about you and me!!!!!!!!!!!