101 Goals in 1001 Days

The beginning of my life as a wife requires some goals to work towards...

  1. Change my surname officially to 'Schreiner'
  2. Create a beautiful coffee table book with images from the wedding
  3. Honeymoon somewhere beautiful
  4. Visit family in New Zealand
  5. Create a gorgeous nursery
  6. Visit family in England
  7. Visit my neice Isobella
  8. Have dinner at the snow fields in winter
  9. Drink cocktails overlooking the ocean
  10. Holiday in Akaroa for a weekend
  11. Holiday in the Malborough Sounds for a weekend
  12. Holiday in Queenstown for a weekend
  13. Ride horseback along a beach
  14. See top 5 safari animals
  15. Stay at an Ice Hotel
  16. Sleep under the stars
  17. Go skydiving
  18. Re-learn to speak French
  19. Go to a French speaking country
  20. See New York skyline
  21. Visit Abel Tasman National Park
  22. Move to Melbourne 
  23. Visit the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand
  24. Drive from Melbourne to Sydney 
  25. Receive "Full License" driver status
  26. Get a CANON digital SLR
  27. Buy a fancy smancy car
  28. Have some savings
  29. Save for a home loan
  30. Purchase a home
  31. Renovate a home
  32. Find a four leaf clover
  33. Invest in the stock market
  34. Volunteer for a great cause
  35. Go to a Zumba class
  36. Go to a dance class
  37. Get a tattoo
  38. Purchase a designer handbag brand new
  39. Get an iPad
  40. Cook a Crème Brulee
  41. Cook something in a tagine
  42. Experience 'The Snow'
  43. Complete Diploma in Interior Design
  44. Plan a white themed dinner party
  45. Host 10 dinner parties
  46. Plan a fabulous 30th birthday party
  47. Start making a profit from selling on online auction sites
  48. Turn Hazel Loves Design from a hobby to a job
  49. Invite 5 fellow bloggers to guest post on the blog
  50. Get 250 followers on Hazel Loves Design
  51. Get 500 followers on Hazel Loves Design
  52. Get 750 followers on Hazel Loves Design
  53. Have 5 regular advertisers on Hazel Loves Design
  54. Start earning money from Hazel Loves Design
  55. Write business plan for Hazel Loves Design
  56. Action business plan for Hazel Loves Design
  57. Develop Hazel Loves Design website
  58. Discover Indie designers to collaborate with
  59. Open online store via the Hazel Loves Design website
  60. Go camping at Lake Tekapo
  61. Launch Online Magazine
  62. Make a multi-colour-layer-cake
  63. Find kiwi based contributor's for the blog
  64. Evolve Hazel Loves Design and 'Hazed' into a store
  65. Find 12 fabulous designers to work with in this store
  66. Open store and hold a fabulous launch party
  67. Start production of Hazel Loves Design's own range of cushions
  68. Have more than 2000 hits on 'Hazed' magazine
  69. Make my own 'Head Board'
  70. Have Hazel Loves Design featured in 1 media article
  71. Have Hazel Loves Design feature in 5 media articles
  72. Enrol in university
  73. Bring a blogging convention to Christchurch
  74. Launch an Indie Design festival (bi-annually)
  75. Have 100 magazine subscribers
  76. Quit the 'Day Job'
  77. Buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer
  78. Write 5,000 words of Fleur
  79. Write 10,000 words of Fleur
  80. Write 20,000 words of Fleur
  81. Write 50,000 words of Fleur
  82. Write 75,000 words of Fleur
  83. Proof read Fleur
  84. Send Fleur to publisher
  85. Have Fleur published
  86. Become pregnant
  87. Give birth to a healthy baby 
  88. Become a 'Soccer Mum'
  89. Climb the Glaciers in New Zealand
  90. Bungy Jump in Taupo
  91. Go white water rafting
  92. Go skiing
  93. Visit a tropical island
  94. Be paid to organise a party/wedding/event
  95. Style a picnic for Hazed magazine 
  96. Style somebody else's home for either sale or a magazine shoot
  97. Have my home featured on a blog or in a magazine
  98. Own something 'Chanel' (other than perfume)
  99. Have 2500 followers/fans on Facebook
  100. Have 5000 followers/fans on Facebook
  101. Take flying lessons again
I anticipate blogging each time I reach one of these goals, so I look forward to talking to you more about these adventures. And most importantly I promise to love my husband forever, every single day of forever, which means I promise to help him reach all of his goals too!


this free bird said...

Hazel thank you so much for your kind words...I'll be back to read more of your blog (it's 3am where i live), but didn't want to go to sleep without stopping by!


QueenB said...

Stopping by from Catch a Wave Wednesday- I'm GFC following!!


Kellie Collis said...

This is a great list! Looking forward to your updates. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

elise said...

Woohoo for #35! I loooove zumba!

Piper (DailyDivaDish) said...

Great goals! Good luck on achieving all of them. Can't wait to hear updates.
XO Piper

Scented Leaf said...

Great wish list... You'll be so busy to achieve them. Congrats and good luck in your marriage!

Singlemama said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from a Wednesday blog hop! I'd love it if you would follow back at one or all three of my blogs :)



Kimberly Moore said...

Love this idea! That is quite the list you've got! I'm such a list/goal maker so I think I might be doing this soon! Thanks for stopping by Third Floor Design Studio. :)

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