The Journey...

Over the new years period Brad & I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne. This included an endurance drive of over twenty two hours through blistering hot australian summer. Here are some of the photos from our trip..

We stayed at some dodgy hotels along the way!!

The big banana at Coffs Harbour
(Check out Hazel Loves Design's Facebook page for a cool game  we played along the way!!)
We were up before 5am New Years Day so we could beat the heat (it was more than 40c the previous day, and our car did not have airconditioning!)

This journey eliminated two of the goals from '101 in 1001 days'
Including #22 Move to Melbourne & #24 Drive from Melbourne to Sydney


Anonymous said...

What a looong drive! Those pics look interesting, thanks for sharing!

gi gi said...

Oh, 20 hours, you poor gal! Looks like you had some fun stops! Love the big banana!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
lots of love
gi gi